i am your willow

i am your willow
and i will keep you safe.

i will bend.
i will adjust.
i will surrender:

to the process
to the storm
to myself

i will flex to the best of my abilities
and i will not break.

i will wrap myself around you, and
weep with you
joy and grief.

i will survive thrive
no matter how challenging fucking impossible life gets.

and i will keep you safe,
for i am your willow.




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my Battlefield

Under this exposed battlefield

i have nourished life.

It is here that i hold my breath

and store my energy.


From third to second chakra

a patchwork of

scars, stretch marks, and ink

blanket my anxieties of love and esteem.


Sterile precision

marks my




Look for beauty in the shadows.

For there is adventure in this heart

and freedom in my spirit.



Erica Richmond