Creating, coffee and coping.

Oh hey, remember me?

How’s it going?

Everyone coping okay through these strange times?

I’m at home with the kids and Lucy (our cat) and feel quite grateful for what I have and where I am in life.

I get to take time to savour my morning coffee every single morning. I’ve been reading – a lot! And cooking and baking and walking and writing. I got back into running after a year of poor health (hooray!) and I started yoga (thanks YouTube!).

But mostly, I’ve been creating. I’m completely and wonderfully immersed in Open Sky Stories.

From writing blog posts about #TeamAdventurers to the creation of Open Sky Stories. Here is My Story. ❤️ Erica

Here are some of the things that I have been working on lately.

Here’s a video I made that explains the Connected Stories Project in more detail:

Open Sky Stories is something I created to feed my soul – I wanted something that allowed me to really play with my creativity. And it has brought me so much joy. If any of this resonates with you – awesome! You can follow along on most social media channels (though Instagram tends to be the best channel for my content). I also have a website and newsletter. I’ll post all links below.

Hope you are finding your own way of creating through all of this – I truly believe that we were meant to live creatively. (NOTE: creativity takes many different forms!)


Instagram: @ OpenSkyStories
Twitter: @ OpenSkyStories
Pinterest: @ OpenSkyStories

One more thing – I just announced that my new book officially has an illustrator!!! Stay tuned for more details about that!

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