a month without milk

They’re back.

After 13 days (and 13 nights) my kids are home from their grandparent’s camp.

They left the day after we returned from a 2 week family camping trip (see previous post) and so needless to say, the last month has been completely out of the ordinary.

Look, I have more experience than the average mom at being without my kids. I did the every other weekend thing for 6 years. I have shared birthdays and holidays, even Christmas, but this was the longest they’d ever been away.. and I may have whispered “don’t forget me” to my daughter as she hopped in her Papa’s truck!

Thankfully, I am never without distraction:

  • major house work (I’ve been away for over 5 weeks in the past 3 months and things here have slowly fallen apart..),
  • coordinating the merch table at Folk Fest (such a magical event to be a part of),
  • catching up on day-job work (same vacation rules apply as in house work) and,
  • some high quality time with good people (never underestimate the power of a phone call, video message, glass of wine or dance floor.)

More than anything, I’ve been acclimatizing myself to living in the real world after 2 weeks on a campsite. Since my return home, I have realized that living in a house (even alone) can feel more constricting than sharing a tent. I spent the entire first week almost completely immersed in my community, then promptly hid for cover for the duration of week two (There’s a limit to my extravertedness).

I barely bought any groceries, ate like crap and only used my kitchen for making gallons of kombucha. But today, before they came, and for the first time in over a month, I got milk and everything is returning to normal.


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