CBC Radio spreading good music & good karma..

About a week ago I was having a very dark day in a series of dark days. My incredible friend Beth (along with some other amazing friends and family), had been pulling out all stops to pull me back to the land of the living. True to her sweet yet random form, Beth answered a trivia question on Facebook with CBC Radio 2 Drive and indicated that she wanted to donate her answer to me (her fellow uber CBC geek friend). She told radio host,  Tom Power that I needed the good karma in my life right now.

Well… She won.

And Tom announced her response on the radio program the next morning. He said that no one had ever donated their answer before. He sent me good karma and encouraged all of Canada to send me the same. Another friend texted me that she had heard the program on the way to work and was so excited that she actually pulled over to listen. Karma was spreading.

That morning had been one of those ‘struggle to leave the bed’ mornings and I was facing some very difficult meetings and conversations. But as I set off walking down the path, I started reciting to myself (softly at first and gradually getting stronger), ‘People care. Tom Power sent me good karma. People all across the country, who don’t even know me are sending me good karma. Everything will be okay. There is good in the world.’

And I felt it. This amazing sense of people coming together to support each other. That even in such a lonely time, I wasn’t really alone. Oh, the power of radio, friends and community.

My name (as per Beth’s request) was submitted for their weekly prize pack draw and …… (drum roll, please)…. I won !!!! R2 producer Emma wrote that she hoped this made my week even brighter.

It did.

Kindness matters. Sprinkle that shit everywhere.






Santa on Speed Dial

T’was a month before Christmas and all through our home
came the whining and arguing from each of my spawn.

They fought over books. They fought over toys.
I could not hear myself think over their noise noise noise noise!

The blowing cold wind had kept us inside
until finally I held up my cell phone and cried,

“You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why.
I have Santa’s phone number on speed dial.

They both went as silent as a holy night.
Until one of them whispered, ‘do you think she’s alright?’

I stood with my phone in my outstretched palm
Their worried eyes stared at me; could I really go on?

But today I was feeling so smart and so slick,
That I thought up a lie and I thought it up quick.

“Yes, of course I have Santa’s phone number, my dears.
He gave it to all parents at the mall last year.”

And this snowball kept growing, not quite according to plan
until suddenly it was larger than Frosty the Snowman.

I led them down a tale of homes where Santa’s sleigh won’t drop.
And I only paused a moment when I heard someone holler, “Stop!”

“Enough! Enough! No need for alarm.
We’ll play nicely. Please! Put down that phone!”

And what happened next? Well my children might say
That they watched my heart grow 3 sizes that day.

Will I really stop Christmas from coming this year?
Let’s just see how things look as we get even nearer.

We will still hang our stockings by the chimney with care
with almost full certainty Santa will be there.

And they heard me repeat as I walked out of sight,
“Peaceful Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

Erica Richmond