No sharp edges

Some thoughts about 2018 and my core desired feelings. Also included are foot-stomping funks, a reminder to not be an asshole and a haiku. Based on the Desire Map Program by Danielle LaPorte

I run to lose weight….(wait for it…)

I got home from an exceptionally long Monday & was on the brink of shrugging off my originally planned run. Excuses were there for the taking: I was tired. (Yeah I know..join the club). I’d already missed the last 4 days..what’s one more? I can’t leave the kids for another 30 minutes, that’s poor parenting….

Don’t be an asshole and let fear stop you

I posted my first video blog on you tube:  Don’t be an asshole and let fear stop you Here is the written version: Hi In honour of my public speaking course at Trent, I’ve decided to try a video blog. When I announced my enrollment into the course on social media (hence, when it became…