i am your willow

i am your willow
and i will keep you safe.

i will bend.
i will adjust.
i will surrender:

to the process
to the storm
to myself

i will flex to the best of my abilities
and i will not break.

i will wrap myself around you, and
weep with you
joy and grief.

i will survive thrive
no matter how challenging fucking impossible life gets.

and i will keep you safe,
for i am your willow.




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I snapped a photo of the kids outside painting this afternoon and was about to post it on Instagram (’cause why else take a picture) when I realized the absurdity of the situation.

The picture shows how these kids are happy, healthy (eating a nutritional snack), creative and outdoors. By all rights, I am portrayed as a mom-of-the-year!

What the picture doesn’t show is that this was their first breath of fresh air for the day and this was also the first time they got off their iPads/electronics ALL DAY! and it was at 4pm!

Mom-of-the-year award instrarevoked!!!

I still posted the picture but I ‘fessed up and owned my day. Sure I could reason that the kids were exhausted from a long week outdoors and that I needed to spend the day doing housework and job-searching (electronically induced children make for quiet houses). But if I’m really going to own my shit, then I need to admit that somedays this is just how we roll.  No excuses.

“MOM!!!!” (currently being yelled throughout the house, complete with running and doors slamming)

I guess quiet time is over.

peace & love,


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The completed masterpieces

The completed masterpieces