Building something good takes (an annoying amount of) time

Allow me to preface this by saying I hate vague & cryptic social media posts…



I’m building something. It’s not exactly a business… business sounds too corporate. It’s more of a passion project… though passion project sounds too optional. Whatever it is, it’s both breeding from and feeding my soul.


Trust me, I wish I could be less vague. I want to push this out as quickly as possible. I like instant gratification. I think the idea that good things come to those who wait is bullshit. I want ALL the good things now. Dammit. But my partner (passion partner, not business partner) said to me last week: “What you’re creating is good. Real good. It is too good to rush. This deserves time.” #swoon.


Initially I had hoped to launch in time for my birthday next month. Not going to happen. So this post, as cryptic as it may be, serves as a compromise. It also solidifies my commitment to the process. I’ve said it out loud– no take-backs!


For the next few months, you can anticipate the following from me:

💥 generalized angst as I learn patience and a thousand other new skills

💥 exorbitant glee when I get things right

💥 self control so I do not throw my computer out the window

💥 (further) seclusion and saying no to things in an attempt to find the time to focus and the opportunity to rest

💥 willingness to accept all of your easy, healthy make ahead meals and housework cheats

💥 a constant look of 😳 as I make a million decisions a day.


I have a budget of $0 and a staff of moi but a totally kick ass moral support cheering squad…. including myself. And yeah… despite the patience and the crypticness… this is going to be good. Stay tuned.




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