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So every morning I walk to work and I pass a diner about 2 blocks from my office. And every time I pass it, I envision my ideal world where I start my day with a walk and then curl into a cup of coffee surrounded by folks making a low buzz of noise while I enjoy my buzz of caffeine. I would pull out my notebook and write. There’s something about the combination of fresh air, movement and the early hour that makes me tingly with creativity. I’m bursting with thoughts that deserve recording but they typically lose their momentum before my next chance to write on my lunch break. (long live #WriteClub).

Today was a PA Day. Moxie was at a sleepover. Rain was snoozing. And I decided to leave early and head to the diner before work. I didn’t leave quite as early as I’d hoped but I still made it. I still wrote in my journal while enjoying the low buzz around and inside of me. And it felt fucking awesome. It felt like possibility. And I think I can do this. Maybe not the way I envisioned it but right now, that doesn’t matter. Because it still feels fucking awesome. And isn’t that what life is all about? Not waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect opportunity. But weaving some of our ideal world into our current limitations. Making things work. for us. because why wouldn’t we want things to work out? why wouldn’t we want things to feel fucking awesome? Right now.

My goal is to do this one day/week because A) despite what I just told you, I’m really not a morning person; and B) My budget will not stretch enough for coffee every day. Maybe I’ll start leaving earlier? Maybe I’ll hit different diners every week? Or maybe I’ll become a regular here? Time will tell. But for now, I’ll just enjoy the buzz.


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