Another day (in the Kawarthas) another beach (or two)

Since moving to Peterborough at the end of June, we have mostly stuck close to home. And really…why wouldn’t we? We have beautiful water at either end of our street and are a 10 minute bike ride to two beaches and downtown. It’s truly been like living at the cottage.

But today when I was out for my (semi-regular) morning run, it dawned on me that we are living in an entire region of lakes and beaches and since school is only a week away we should really start exploring! I think I am in a back-to-school nesting phase: trying to do everything that we didn’t do this summer in the last final moments before our freedom is restricted.

So I jumped on my best sources of travel advice: Google, Twitter and my handy Kawartha region map. I decided to start our adventure by heading out toward Buckhorn and visit Sandy Beach.

Just outside of Buckhorn we stopped at McLean Buckhorn Berry Farm for some beach snacks: mixed pack of plums, cheese curds and butter tarts! (yum, yum and yummmmmmm)

While there we also got affirmation that Sandy Beach was the place to be as well directions – thank you! The directions I’d found until then were somewhat sketchy and the kids are rarely amused with my ‘hmm… i think we are going the right way..’ mutterings.

In no time at all, we were at the beach!

Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach

It seemed oddly named at first since there was very little sandy area but then we soon realized that you could walk on and on in under waist deep water. Rain and Moxie explored and swam and explored some more. They are currently collecting shells which they hope to sell and use profits for either candy or university. I alternated joining them in their fun and sitting in the shade writing in my journal. It was a perfect spot, lots of shade and lots of water! We stayed for over 3 hours before I finally dragged them out of the water, into the car and onto our next adventure…


When we first hit town, we made a quick stop at the beach but Rain was starving (I guess growing boys need more than snack food to survive) so we decided to find dinner.  We strolled downtown Lakefield (cutest town ever!!) and ended up on the Canoe & Paddle Pub patio.

Bangers 'n Mash
Bangers ‘n Mash
'Draw a component and pass to the person next to you' game while waiting for dinner
‘Draw a component and pass to the person next to you’ game while waiting for dinner

The food and service were superb – as was my pint of 5 Paddles Home Sweet Home beer (mmm…..refreshing…..) Moxie received a free kids ice cream coupon for the Kawartha Dairy ice cream shop next door as part of her kids meal so we obviously headed there next.  Ice cream for kids, cappuccino for me and more amazing service! Life is good here in the Kawarthas.

Ice Cream Challenge - who's in?
Ice Cream Challenge – who’s in?

“Can we go back to the beach?”

Sure – one more dip to cool off before heading home. It is a shame to let that great beach go to waste.. (just don’t go far out – it hasn’t been 1/2 since you ate and as much as I will rescue you, I’m kinda happy just chillin’ with my cappuccino)

Lakefield Beach
Lakefield Beach

Refreshed, full and getting sleepy, we loaded back in the car for our quick 20 minute drive home (my goal is to bike to Lakefield by end of the year – only 17km each way – piece of cake!)

Today, our adventures reminded me of our Western Canada road trip which we did last summer. Traveling around in a hap-hazard way. Vague plans but easily side-tracked. Lots of snacking and giggling. I love our team.

Once home and everyone had showered, I had one more burst of energy. I decided to hang white Christmas lights on the patio. Yes of course I realize it is NOT Christmas but … I have wanted to have lights outside on a summer patio for as long as I can remember.. so I did it. And I love it. And I’m sitting out here right now. And I might even sleep out here.  Okay.. no not really.

My new happy place
My new happy place

But I am going to play my guitar for a bit so sweet dreams to you and cheers to another day of adventure!




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  1. lindsturner says:

    At the risk of sounding a little creepy, I’ve spent part of my lunch hour reading your blog. Holy cow, Erica. You’re good at this!


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