Taking Time

During her first visit to our new home, my 8 year old daughter looked out at the row of backyards and asked,

“Do you have to have a clothes line to live in Peterborough?

“Yes, it’s the law.”

Not having had a clothes line myself since I was a kid, I am slowly learning the fine art of this labour of love. Lucky for me, my family of five produces lots and lots of love for me to practice.

And through practice I have learned that if you use too many clothes pins, you’re at risk of running out before the bottom of the basket; but not enough clothes pins and your neighbours may question your intentions. (We have already had to fish my bra out of the blackberry bushes with a hockey stick.)

Cramming the washing machine full of clothes is a futile effort because our clothesline holds only a perfectly balanced load. And there should be no overcrowding on the line because much like a family (in particular, our new blended family) each unique member needs their own space to breathe.

And so I have learned am learning to relax, enjoy the moment and appreciate that this will take some time.

It’s another reminder for me to slow down and inhale the beautifully blended aroma of clean clothes, freshly cut grass and tomato plants.

It’s a reminder to appreciate the simplicity of a line full of memories: past, present and future.

A reminder to allow myself to get lost in their dance as they each move to their own rhythm in the same gentle breeze; stretching their independence while always remaining connected.

And at the end of a long summer day I can reflect on each moment of time and fall asleep in a bed of pure sunshine.


Team Adventurers

Erica Richmond


One Comment Add yours

  1. richkote says:

    Well done
    (BTW – are those WILD blackberry plants (like the ones on the riverbank
    back in Dresden ?) If so can I have some?


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