And so it begins…

Team Adventurers are on day 5 of our new life adventure in Peterborough (#ptbo). I’ve taken these days to unplug, unwind and unpack. (and unpack and unpack..)

I’ve unpacked enough boxes that we are no longer tripping over them (this rule does not apply to the basement) but there are still some key items are MIA.  No doubt, the missing items were used as box fillers. You know, when you have 3/4 of a box filled with candles and you use the extra space to throw in a wooden spoon, a pillow case and the pack of garbage bags.  Obviously I labeled all boxes accurately (candles & stuff) so I’m not sure what went wrong.

Lucy (our cat) has recovered from the traumatic move.  On Saturday, the movers emptied each room and stripped the house of all her hiding places until she was found trying her best to look invisible behind the leg of a bare bed frame. Lucky for her, the new house is proving to be full of amazing hideouts and she spends her days testing all of them.  She has even overcome her fear of the stairs (because clearly bare wood stairs are the evil cousin to the peaceful carpeted ones she was familiar with).

When chatting with a friendly neighbour (aren’t they are friendly in ptbo?) she welcomed me to the ‘hood and gave me a piece of advice:

“You will need to learn to slow down.”

geez… do i really have that much GTA written across my face?

She gave me the example of going to the grocery store.  In a big city, the point of the checkout line is to keep people moving as quickly as possible.  In ptbo by contrast, the cashiers may spend some time chatting with customers, asking them how their day is going and taking the time to listen.  (In other words, they will be friendly).

This concept isn’t entirely new to me. I grew up in a small farming community in a town that boasted 2,700 people; however, I have lived in much bigger cities for the past 20 years and it might take some time for my brain to adjust.  But it is definitely something I am looking forward to.

I would like my head to stop spinning.

And I can’t imagine that this will take long. We live on a point and have water on either ends of our street.  That in itself is calming.

My morning run route takes me along two beaches, a lift lock and an abundance of bunnies and ducks.  I have to remember to keep a pace that allows me to return the greetings of each peppy passerby with a genuine smile and an emphatic “good-morning”.  (Far cry from the head nod and fleeting eye contact I might encounter when running in the sprawl).  It’s a good thing the air is so fresh up here to fill my lungs (and yes, we are going to pretend that the reason my pace is slower is allow me the breath to say good-morning).

Life I love you,

All is groovy.


Team Adventurers


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