Progress – The House is Sold (And we Are Never Cleaning Again!)

Team Adventurers have made another step toward our new adventure and move to Peterborough. We have sold our house! {Ta-Da!!}

As I take small reprieve between staging and packing, I reflect on the last couple of weeks.

It has become quite clear that as much as Team Adventurers love a great adventure, we are also deep-rooted homebodies. Sure at the beginning it was all bike rides and gelato but after weeks of being kicked out of our house at the last minute and sometimes for hours, there were unison groans of ‘Can’t we just stay home?’

I’m sure we could have survived the temporary homelessness if it weren’t for the frantic cleaning that came before each departure. I had recently toyed with the idea of starting my day a little earlier to take time to meditate but setting my alarm an hour early to vacuum, clean bathroom, switch our everyday towels and pillowcases with white towels (because we cannot be trusted with white linens) and tidy up before leaving for work was not quite the mindful solitude I had in mind.

If nothing else, we definitely demonstrated our ability to act as a team. Rain and Moxie pulled their weight – and then some! (okay truth be told, I often banished them to the front porch for hours while I cleaned the house, shouting ‘don’t come in!’ every time I heard the door creak!) But before their banishment they learned to make their beds each morning, keep their toys tidy in ways they never knew possible and they even cleaned the bathroom on occasion (sort of).

I tried to enjoy coming home to an immaculately clean house at the end of a long work day but it was just too stressful to keep clean. As Moxie said sighed dramatically,

“Messes mean you’re having fun and our house is too clean!”


We were not having fun. I obsessed. Would anyone buy the house if they found a water mark on the shower tap or a tissue in the garbage? I drove around with dirty dishes, dirty laundry and even my bread basket in my car during times when I just ran out of hiding places. Who lives like this??

I officially distrust the sanity of anyone who has an immaculately clean house.

For me the breaking point was about three weeks into the listing when the kids discovered an invasion of ants under the kitchen sink 30 minutes before there was to be back-to-back showings of the house. As our dinner burned on the BBQ, we smashed big crunchy ants with our bare hands while they crawled up our arms. (well Rain and I smashed them while Moxie stood on the kitchen chair yelling ‘I don’t like ants!!’ to which I replied ‘you are not helping!!!!’) I frantically sprayed Raid throughout the kitchen and then panicked about the smell so I picked lilacs to mask the odour (mmmm…. lilac scented raid).

“Somebody get Grandpa on the phone now!!!!”

(No doubt Grandpa is quite happy to have a new guy around to share the load of my frantic phone calls!)

Now that this first-world ordeal is finally over, I’m a little worried. I’ve been gifted this superpower of clean eyes. I am now able to spot each streaked mirror, every piece of lint and speck of dirt in all corners of the house (sometimes simultaneously) and I think I can actually hear Lucy shedding. But let’s be honest. I am simply not prepared for this type of power. I want to live peacefully with dustbunnies once again and not wage war on fingerprint smudges. I am not a dirt-shamer! Give this power to someone who will use it for good, not evil.

Moving forward (see what I did there?):

  • We WILL use white towels and not give a fuck if we get them dirty. (actually we’ll just stick with our dark covered towels and get them even dirtier)
  • We WILL have Kleenex boxes out in public – yes, we blow our noses without shame!
  • We WILL keep our microwave on the counter for everyone to see that we reduce our counter space specifically to radiate ourselves on a daily basis.
  • We WILL boil eggs and cook fish – maybe we’ll even eat curried boiled eggs with fish that’s been reheated in our counter hogging microwave.
  • We WILL NOT empty our garbage 2 times/day because dammit – we make waste!! (although we do try our best to reduce, reuse and recycle)
  • And most of all we WILL make messes because ‘Messes mean you’re having fun!”


Team Adventurers


The House is Sold: youtube video

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