My Favourite CBC R3 Songs in 2014

Erica Richmond  @pixiepaperdoll7

The Ground Rules (Because every good playlist needs rules)

  1. Each song must be available on CBC R3
  2. I must have fallen in love with the song in 2014 (not necessarily released in 2014)
  3. One song per artist

The Play List (in no particular order)

(listen along here)

  1. Cloud 69 – Lowell

Toronto, ON  Arts and Crafts (2014)

  • fucking. amazing.

  1. Oh Cecilia – Born Ruffians

Toronto, ON  Paper Bag Records (2014)

  • but then again, I’m a sucker for dancing crossing guards.

  1. Provincial Parks – Oh Susanna

Toronto, ON  Independent (2014)

  • Oh Susanna is back again from my 2012 playlist
  • Old Man Leduke deserves an honourable mention (Namedropper CD – a friendship project.)
  • Congrats on your recent battle. Fuck cancer.

  1. Uja – Tanya Taqag Gillis

Cambridge Bay, NU  Six Shooter Records (2014)

  • Yeah that’s right. I jumped on the Tanya train after her phenomenal performance at the Polaris Prize Awards Ceremony. And her acceptance speech? No one else could have possibly made a hastag out of #fuckPeta (not to mention #sealfie). 

  1. I am the Night – Amelia Curran

St. John’s, NFL  Six Shooter Records (2014)

  • Amelia Curran was previously featured on my 2012 playlist. This newest album holds a special spot in my heart, particularly since my recent family tragedy. Take a minute – stop looking at my playlist – and watch this video: #EverythingIsGoingToBeAlright

  1. Run Run Run – Sea Perry

Sudbury, ON  Independent (2013)

  • I will not run away from this band!

  1. Fire Me Up – Lightning Dust

Vancouver, BC  Jagjaguwar (2013)

  • Shh… I’m listening to the rain hit the ground

  1. Sunshine – The Wet Secrets

Edmonton, AB  Independent (2014)

  1. Gay Goth Scene – The Hidden Cameras

Toronto, ON  Outside Music (2014)

  • Not just another catchy tune, Gay Goth Scene is a mixture of short film and music video, that deals with a worldwide social disease: bullying.

  1. Odd Year – Odd Years

Guelph, ON  Fortnight Music (2013)

  1. Others – Indigo Joseph

Regina, SK  Independent (2014)

  • I will continue to shout my love for this band until they get the recognition they deserve! They received 2 spots (yeah, that’s right – rule-breakers!) on my 2013 playlist and also were featured on Day 5 of my Western Canada Road Trip 

  1. I Want You Back – Dead Ghosts

Vancouver, BC  Independent (2013)

  1. Sexy Socialite – Chromeo

Toronto, ON  Last Gang Records (2014)

  • Wikipedia describes Chromeo as a ‘boogie/alternative dance duo’ – Sexy!

  1. Headsick – JULYTALK

Toronto, ON  Sleepless Records (2013)

  • Oh what the hell – let’s talk about them in December too!!

  1. Ej Feel Zoo – Radio Radio

Montreal, Qc  Bonsound Records (2014)

  • J’ (fucking) adore Radio Radio! Previously featured on my 2012 playlist.

  1. Chain Reaction – The Pygmies

Calgary, AB  Independent (2013)

  • A punkish Austin Powers sound.. but way better than I’ve just described it.

  1. An American Dream – Kalle Mattson

Sault Ste. Marie, ON  Parliament of Trees (2014)

  • Can you listen to this song without tapping at least one part of your body? You must be dreaming!

  1. Dog Face – Odd Years

Guelph, ON  unknown

  • Rule-Breaker alert!! But c’mon…that face…
  • ps thank you for sending me this track – you made my day!  

  1. You Carry a Sickness – Astral Swans

Calgary, AB  Madic Records (2014)

  • sick.

  1. Animal – The Pack A.D

Vancouver, BC  Nettwerk (2014)

  • Also featured on Day 15 of my Western Canada Road Trip 
  • Upon returning from my roadtrip, my 70yr old friend thanked me to introducing her to so many new artists, highlighting The Pack A.D as one of her faves. #RockForever

  1. Pretty Respectable – Mounties

Vancouver, BC  Light Organ (2014)

  1. All Alone (on my own) – Michael Rault

Toronto, ON  Pirates Blend (2014)

  • Back again from 2012!
  • Michael once asked for a picture with me: (yeah, really. It was HIS idea …He didn’t want to be all alone)

  1. Pancakes, no heartache – Den-igan

Guelph, ON  unknown

  • mmmm… pancakes with syrup, hold the heartache

  1. Demon – Kandle

Montreal via Victoria, QC  (2014)

  • Oh. Hell. Yeah.

  1. Twink – VASLAV

Toronto, ON  (2014)

  • Want to know what I really think of this album? Read my review of  Revelator (Spoiler – they also made my 2012 playlist!)

  1. Je suis devue une lionne – Whitehorse

Hamilton, ON  Six Shooter Records(2014)

  • This band (and song) are fantastique en Francais and English!
  • Whitehorse are no strangers to my ears or yours – they made an appearance on my 2013 playlist and Melissa was on my 2012 playlist
  • ps.… Thank-you for humouring our picture taking request when we were neighbours in Huntsville!
  • IMG_5624

  1. 18th of December – Deep Dark Woods

Saskatoon, SK  Six Shooter Records (2013)

  • “18th of December” is a song about the high price to pay for following one’s heart, and accepting the consequences of one’s choices.” deep. and dark.

  1. Nothing Left – Elliott Brood

Hamilton, ON  Paperbag Records (2014)

  • Elliott Brood not only has seen every consecutive CBC R3 playlist but they also held the theme song of our Western Canada Road Trip this summer
  • I am so freaking excited to see these boys live in the New Year (there WILL be dancing!)
  • They are quickly becoming one of my very favourite artists. And there’s nothing left to say.

  1. Call of the Wild – The Matinee

Vancouver, BC  (2014)

  • The Matinee must have heard the call…They posted this new tune just minutes before my final cut!
  • Not only were The Matinee another rule-breaker on 2013 playlist but they were also featured on Day 13 of my Western Canada Road Trip

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