THIS is why it’s important – Speak your truth.

I’ve discovered, the hard way (as most important lessons are learned), that developing a thick skin is critical to writing.

“To write is to bleed words onto the page – to be entirely vulnerable – the surest way to criticism and the clearest path to metamorphic transformation.” -AmyJalapeñ

So why do it?  Why I share my life so intimately in such a public forum – I mean let’s face it – the web is world-wide! (people might see it!)

The other day, my amazing cousin (who graciously shares much of my writing on her own website) sent me this text:

From my client:

Please thank Erica for me for sharing intimate details about herself and her life. It really was those articles that impacted me wanting to change.
I have two incredible children that need me, full on everyday. Living in a place of love and gratitude is sooo much nicer xx

That is why I speak my truth.  

Because someone out there (in that wide world) might read it and feel like my words were written specifically for them.  

Because not speaking the truth can create shame and guilt and tragedy.

And because it just feels good. dammit.

Speak your truth.  In your head. In a whisper. or on the world wide web.  Because the truth; Your truth, is powerful.



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