Support the Arts (Inclusive arts, that is)

My very dear friend, Danielle Strnad has this amazing company called DramaWay DramaWay is the leading provider of fine arts programming in the Greater Toronto Area for people of all abilities, specializing in modifying programming for individuals with special needs. For the last 12 years I have watched her in awe as she transforms children into stars. I’ve watched countless performances and each one brings tears to my eyes (and I am SO not a crier!!). Danielle has such a talent for helping kids (and adults) with special needs find their voice, their inner strength and their passion. Anyone who lives in or near the GTA should, without a doubt, attend one of her performances. Contact me or her directly for showtimes. Rain and Moxie love these performances and an amazing thing happens when I bring them… I realize that kids don’t notice the disability… they only notice their extreme and amazing abilities! (we should all be so lucky). But DramaWay needs our support to continue doing all of the amazing things they do. Please consider supporting DramaWay via:

PS…Jessi Cruickshank was a DramaWay volunteer and continues to be a huge supporter: “Two of our talented DramaWay participants are featured on MTV, in an interview with Jessi Cruickshank, host of The CW’s OhSit!, MTV’s The Hills,The City and the Daily After Show, and Dan Levy. Jessi invited us to film this with her at MTV when she was co-hosting The Hills Aftershow on MTV. Our participants loved being featured on live television while also taking part in the live audience. This collaborative script was improvised with hosts in support of DramaWay’s Annual Multi Arts Showcase DramaWorks. The original production was a variety show entitled “The Awaited Arrival.”
This is one of the many examples of success of our participants and another reason for you to donate to our campaign today!”

Link to the video:

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