The end ….. ??

I can not believe our 3-week road trip adventure across Western Canada is over.  Part of me wants to jump in the car and do it all over again immediately… part of me is quite content to be back in my (much cleaner) home easing into routine.  None of me is glad tomorrow is Monday.

As much as our trip is officially over, I can’t let this end until I come up with some sort of wrap-up of thoughts.

First of all THANKS!

Thanks to the friends who opened up their homes and their lives and played with us along the way. Thanks to my parents who took (extra good) care of our home and to the Martinelli’s for watching our psycho cat, Lucy.

And thanks for reading. For cheering us on.

There were times during the trip that I would be so exhausted at the end of the day and question whether I should just miss a post or why I was even doing this at all.

I did this for Rain and Moxie. I want them to keep this as part of their memory when the real thing becomes more distant.  Although I’m sure we’ll each have our own versions.

I also did it for me. Let’s face it. I love writing and this just seemed like a natural thing to do. I’ve done travel blogs before on my solo trips (Little Corn Island, Nicaragua; Maritime Road Trip) . But not with this type of dedication. I’ve also never had this type of followers. So thanks for keeping me motivated. (And providing me with a pseudo adult conversation during the times when there was no other).

If I thought my personal time was limited before. How about no personal space?    We slept in the same bed many nights and almost always in the same room. We were in tight proximity 24 hours/day for 21 days. And it was fun. We really grew together.  It was just what we needed.

This trip was planned prior to the death of their father in May and for that I am so thankful. I would not have planned it afterwards. In practical terms, it didn’t make sense. But in reality, it truly could not come at a better time. We all needed this. We all needed to shake ourselves out and regroup. We needed a distraction. We needed to talk about Jason every day in a different environment. We needed to laugh our butts off when we realized that his underwear had somehow got mixed up with Rain’s underwear and packed in the suitcase. “Guess Daddy is joining us for the ride.”

We laughed about whether Daddy would have gone into Reptile World. I told them that when I first started dating him, he wouldn’t even go into the snake section of the zoo. We all agreed that he would have tried. He was like that. He would have really wanted to go in just because Rain was so excited about it.

He was also there for Moxie’s birthday. She said should feel him.  In the 800 year old trees.

I hope he was with us. It breaks my heart that he will never be able to hug them again. Or play with them. I know he would have loved this adventure. Even the snakes.

Since we’ve been gone I’ve noticed a change in Rain and Moxie. They’ve become more mature, more independent and curious about the world. I watched them strengthen their bond as brother and sister. They truly are best friends and so much fun.  I will miss watching them play all day.

Tonight I asked if they were happy to be home and they both said YES!  But they are ready to plan next year’s road trip to the East Coast.  (I’m not sure this can be an annual event but I like their spirit!

I asked what they will miss most about the trip and they both said the Food. We did have some amazing grub while we were gone.

Moxie: Mostly the salmon. Especially Andrew’s salmon.  (very high praise from a girl who is typically not the biggest fan of Salmon. But I don’t blame her – it was amazing!)

Rain: I’ll miss getting meat whenever I want. (ahhh yes.  my little carnivore with the enormous appetite.  Don’t worry – I do cook him meat, just not every day, and not for every meal.)

Me?  I will miss the housekeeping.  And bus boys.

Here are some of my favourite pictures:

Final Canada Flag Count….. 789!  That’s 789 Canada Flags that we spotted from the car between Mississauga, ON – Vancouver, BC (and even some in Washington).

Total Miles (yes, we rented a ‘Murican car) travelled:  3,876 miles (6,238km)

Til our next adventure,

Team Adventurers

PS – if you like music make sure you listen to my CBCR3 song of the day picks.  I’m working on a mixed tape.  I’ll keep you posted.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. richkote says:

    An excellent end to an excellent adventure You did good I’m glad it went so well Dad



  2. Diana Goheen says:

    So glad you are safely home, totally enjoyed following your adventures. You are a very gifted young woman,xo


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