Days 20 & 21: Vancouver, BC – Seattle, WA – Chicago, IL – Buffalo, NY – Mississauga, ON

I decided to merge days 20 & 21 because that’s how they feel in my head.  I encountered more challenges in Seattle than I did the entire vacation but we still managed to wake up at 3:30 AM and catch our 6AM flight home (via Chicago).

The kids were phenomenal flyers.  They entertained themselves while I read an entire book from Seattle – Chicago minus about 3 chapters.  I had brought a book, but then I realized at the airport that I had packed in a suitcase so I had no choice but to purchase a new one (oh damn. A new book.)

I read the last three chapters on the flight from Chicago – Buffalo very, very slowly… I didn’t want it to end.  I never want good books to end but I also realized that once I finished, I was out of toys/entertainment.  Luckily the flight was quick and the kids I chatted about how we were getting excited to be home!

We were greeted at the Buffalo airport by Grandma and Grandpa – yippee! BIG hugs all around!!  We stopped for dinner and they drove us home.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned is that while the kids and I have been galavanting all over Canada, my parents were at our house working their butts off.

My Dad painted our entire basement!! (With help from Mom).  This was incredible – my basement is about the most difficult room to paint (think stucco, fake hard wood, fake beams, bricks throughout the entire space!).  The end result is outstanding!!  I can not even explain how amazing it looks and what a HUGE difference it makes – the pictures don’t even do it justice)  (Paula if you are reading this: They painted the fireplace – woohoooo!!!!!)

basement before
basement before
basement after
basement after

While Dad was busy painting, my Mom was cleaning my house.  I’m sure I won’t list everything that she did but here is a glimpse: washed all my windows, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the fridge, scrubbed the kitchen floor, laundry, washed all the floor mats, washed our duvets and all blankets, cleaned/organized the kids rooms…..).  Holy crap – coming home to a sparkling clean house was so incredibly amazing.

And yes, I know I am very spoiled and that my parents totally rock.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

The kids and I showered, got into clean  pyjamas (we’ve been wearing the same pair of pjs for 3 weeks), and fell asleep quite instantly.  We woke up about 12-13 hours later.

I have a couple more thoughts that I will compile into a wrap-up post but for now I’m going to relax and enjoy my clean freshly painted house.


Team Adventurers

PS – another big THANK-YOU to Sandra and her family for cat-sitting Lucy when my parents were not at our house.  Lucy is not an easy cat to watch.  She bites everyone.  I’m quite sure that there is a picture of her somewhere with the warnings: Do Not Cat-Sit this Crazy Cat!!  But nonetheless we was very well cared for – thanks!

Lucy - she looks harmless.....
Lucy – she looks harmless…..

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