Day 20&21 (Ontario) CBC R3 Song of the Day

As a tribute to Canada and my love for Canadian Indie music, I’ve not only created special provincial playlists for my Cross-Canada road trip but I will also be featuring a:

“CBCR3 Song of the Day”

Every day I will showcase a CBCR3 artist from the province where we happen to be travelling. (the rules are simple; simply because I’m too tired for fancy)

I am merging Days 20&21 because that’s how they feel in my head (2 days of solid commuting back home). We are now home sweet home in Ontario and the CBCR3 Song of the Day is…… (drum roll please)

Oh Alberta by Elliott Brood

Elliott Brood is a 3 piece Alt-Country band formed in 2002.  I’ve heard their style classified as death country, urban hillbilly, blackgrass etc.  As far as I’m concerned they are just fucking fantastic.

In 2012, their song Write it all Down for You made my CBC R3 Playlist of Favourite songs of the year and in 2013 their song Miss You Now made the list.

The song, Oh Alberta is truly the theme song of our trip.  It was our starting song on Day 7 and we listened to it frequently throughout the trip shouting out the names of provinces (it lists all that we drove through except British Columbia).  The video is also simply amazing so take the 3:12 minutes and enjoy!


Team Adventurers

Day 1 (Ontario): Safe and Sound, Hawksley Workman

Day 2 (Ontario): Still, Great Lake Swimmers

Day 3 (Ontario): Take Me Anywhere, Odd Years

Day 4 (Manitoba): One Great City, Weakerthans

Day 5 (Saskatchewan): Mr. Baker, Indigo Joseph

Day 6 (Alberta): Sunshine, The Wet Secrets

Day 7 (Alberta): Black Water, Reuben and the Dark

Day 8 (Alberta): I’ll be a Ghost for You, Rae Spoon

Day 9 (British Columbia): Emerald Lake, Said the Whale

Day 10 (British Columbia): The House that Heaven Built, Japandroids

Day 11 (British Columbia): Two Step, Bear Mountain

Day 12 (British Columbia): Radio, Yukon Blonde

Day 13 (British Columbia): Sweetwater, The Matinee

Day 14 (British Columbia): Yellow Lines, Truckstop Super Friends

Day 15 (British Columbia): Animal, The Pack A.D

Day 16 (British Columbia): Strange Girl, The Zolas

Day 17 (British Columbia): Headphones, Mounties

 Day 18 (British Columbia): I Want You Back, Dead Ghosts

Day 19 (British Columbia): Let it Roll, Treelines


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