Day 19: Vancouver, BC

We woke up late… and slowly…. The room was a disaster… There were wigs and clothes strewn all over the floor..bathing suits in the bathroom sink and 2 wine glasses with just enough of a sacrifice to the wine gods remaining.. beside them was an empty bottle.. We may be taking this rock star personality much too seriously.

There was only one way to spend a day with very limited energy and brain power – head to the beach!

Rain and Moxie explored a beach at Stanley Park while Jill and I lounged in the sun and caught some rays.  We stayed there for about 4 hours. There was a couple of seal spottings, an attempt to sell sea shells (by the sea shore) and some good greasy beach concession stand food.  A perfect afternoon.

Selling sea shells by the sea shore
Selling sea shells by the sea shore
kids with seal
kids with seal
Beach Time
Beach Time

Afterwards we walked back to Jill’s and then went for Sushi (YUM!) followed by gelato/cappuccino (YUM!YUM!)

She gave us a ride back to our hotel and the kids soaked in the tub (they had sand – everywhere!!).

I organized all of our stuff – I had brought a bunch of road trip material that will not be making the flight home with us (a cooler, a tea kettle, some mugs, a rubbermaid bin, kids’ activities, towels, backseat pillows etc etc).  Jill has generously agreed to take them off our hands tomorrow and donate them accordingly (maybe a women’s/homeless shelter…). I managed to make all of our stuff fit into 3 suitcases – whew – while the kids stared at the tv.  They are going to miss cable when we get home (not to mention swimming pools, the ocean, mountains, chickens, excessive amounts of junk food/candy, late bedtimes, sleeping in, wild animals…..).

Tomorrow is our last day (BOOHOO!!!) and we are driving to Seattle for our early Saturday morning flight home.  sniff sniff sniff….

Til tomorrow,

Team Adventurers

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