Day 18: Errington, BC – Vancouver, BC

We sadly said good bye to the farm animals and made our way to the ferry.  The realization that we were on our last couple days of our trip was sinking in for all us .. *sigh

Rain: “Can we do this again next year?”

Me: “The same trip or somewhere different?”

Rain: “hmmm… somewhere different.  How about the East Coast?” (well Beth we may be coming your way!)

Both kids: “But maybe we can just fly back here and visit the chickens too?”

I treated Rain and Moxie to lunch on the ferry today (no peanut butter sandwiches for a change).  They have never had White Spot (Pacific Canada chain) so they were very excited with their pirate pack – complete with a chocolate pudding!! (The meal even comes in a paper pirate boat!)

waving hi to Grandma while waiting for the ferry
waving hi to Grandma while waiting for the ferry


holding down their hair on the ferry
holding down their hair on the ferry

We made it to the hotel without getting lost (and my GPS is still bound and gagged in the glove box). Wow – another swanky (internet deal) hotel!  We definitely made our entrance as the kids were still decked out in their rockstar attire.

Once settled into our room my cousin Jill came to meet us (big hugs all around!). We walked down to the water the kids played in the rocks/barnacle/seawead while Jill and I caught up on life.  We had dinner on a patio beside a park and the kids went to run wild while Jill and I enjoyed some wine. (and lots and lots of laughing!)

Jill and Storm

Jill and Lightening
Jill and Lightening

Back to the room and the kids changed not their bathing suits and we took them to the swimming pool.  This one is outdoors and on the 5th floor (their first rooftop pool!).  Jill ran around the corner to buy us a bottle of wine which we shared while the kids pretended to be sea creatures in the pool. It’s amazing how many sea creatures you can think of when no one is ready for the evening to end.

In the hotel room Rain and Moxie shows on for us (I”m quite sure this was a stalling technique  – it was now WAY past their bedtime) but the shows were spectacular (especially after some wine)!

One of Jill’s friends came over for the show and showed us how to record a rap song – so the kids recorded a White Thunder original!!

After Jill left we all completely crashed (hence no blog post yesterday)

We are just starting to wake up now and are meeting Jill to spend the day in Stanley Park!

Til tomorrow (or actually later today)

Team Adventurers

PS – I got exciting news yesterday.  My blog post (Day 17) was picked up by the Tofino and Ucluelet Gazette.  Check it out in the leisure section:

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