Day 13 (British Columbia) CBC R3 Song of the Day

As a tribute to Canada and my love for Canadian Indie music, I’ve not only created special provincial playlists for my Cross-Canada road trip but I will also be featuring a:

“CBCR3 Song of the Day”

Every day I will showcase a CBCR3 artist from the province where we happen to be travelling. (the rules are simple; simply because I’m too tired for fancy)

Today is Day 13 –  we are in British Columbia for a fifth night and the CBCR3 Song of the Day is…… (drum roll please)

Sweetwater, The Matinee

I first discovered The Matinee (from Vancouver, BC) last year and it was instant love (damn i love me some twang in my music!).  In fact, they made me break my own rules on my 2013 CBC R3 playlist and I added 2 of their songs (as opposed to the traditional 1 song/artist) because I just couldn’t decide.  Sweetwater was one of them; the second was L’Absinthe.  My 10 year old loves that song and I often hear him singing about ‘dancing on the tables and writing on the walls..”

Today I chose Sweetwater as a dedication to our amazing float down the sweetwater of the Penticton River Channel.

Til Tomorrow,

Team Adventurers

Day 1 (Ontario): Safe and Sound, Hawksley Workman

Day 2 (Ontario): Still, Great Lake Swimmers

Day 3 (Ontario): Take Me Anywhere, Odd Years

Day 4 (Manitoba): One Great City, Weakerthans

Day 5 (Saskatchewan): Mr. Baker, Indigo Joseph

Day 6 (Alberta): Sunshine, The Wet Secrets

Day 7 (Alberta): black water, Reuben and the Dark

Day 8 (Alberta): I’ll be a Ghost for You, Rae Spoon

Day 9 (British Columbia): Emerald Lake, Said the Whale

Day 10 (British Columbia): The House that Heaven Built, Japandroids

Day 11 (British Columbia): Two Step, Bear Mountain

Day 12 (British Columbia): Radio, Yukon Blonde

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