Day 6: Moose Jaw, SK – Brooks, AB

Take off song: Holiday Road, Lyndsay Buckingham

For some reason, this morning seems like a long time ago… and our hotels are starting to blur together. Rain and Moxie are hotel connoisseurs – they compare how fancy the rooms are, if there is a pool, if there is a slide (and how fancy the slide is), if there is a restaurant.. they even compare how fancy the luggage trolleys are!  (how they keep this all straight, i have no idea!)

Interesting Hotel Fact: So far we have had a room on the 3rd floor every time (except once when there were only two floors available and in that hotel there was a number 3 in our room number).  There are 3 of us (three peas in a pod) and we are gone for 3 weeks.

In any case we said good-bye to Saskatchewan and hello to Alberta (and wifi!).  At first it seemed hillier but then got flat again (I believe we are now in the Badlands…oooohh)

My location according to my phone throughout all of Saskatchewan
My location according to my phone throughout all of Saskatchewan



Hello Alberta!
Hello Alberta!

We stopped at a park/tourist info centre in Medicine Hat and I let the kids play for about an hour.  It was super hot and sunny and felt so nice to be outside!  We saw the world’s largest teepee and as I was reading them the important history, I heard them shrieking and running out into a field… ? Ahhhh… gophers!  There were about 3 of them and about a dozen holes in the ground.  It was just like the midway game where you have a mallet and try to guess which hole the gopher will pop out of.  Rain and Moxie had a blast!!

The world's largest Teepee
The world’s largest Teepee
Gopher! (who knew they were so darn cute!)
Gopher! (who knew they were so darn cute!)
How Medicine Hat Got its Name
How Medicine Hat Got its Name
Waiting for the gophers.... hmmm which hole will they pop out of?
Waiting for the gophers…. hmmm which hole will they pop out of?
BIG bird at the park
BIG bird at the park

We checked into our hotel and (OOPS!!!) there is no pool!!  Well actually there is a pool but it is out of order… indefinitely.  Instead we went to the local grocery store and restocked our cooler/food supply.  The room we are in has a fridge, micorowave and sink so we brought back some microwave dinners, fruits and veggies, lunch meat and buns.  After dinner, the kids watched cartoons while I made picnic lunch for tomorrow and ran up and down from the second floor laundry room.  (hmm making lunches/doing laundry.. this seems strangely familiar – guess I don’t have to worry about getting home sick quite yet!)

Tomorrow morning we are heading to the Dinosaur Provincial Park about a 1/2 hour away.  I’ve booked us a Centrosaurus Quarry Hike to check out some fossils.

This hike is your best opportunity to see the unequalled concentration of dinosaur fossils that makes Dinosaur Provincial Park world famous. You will journey through rugged streambeds and over sandstone ridges to reach a former dig site. As you investigate the clues these fossils provide, you will be challenged to come up with your own theory to explain their mass death.

It will be our first day that we don’t have to travel anywhere (yahoo!) and we are staying in the same hotel again tomorrow so no packing up in the morning (double yahoo!)

Sweet dreams everyone – til tomorrow,

Team Adventurers

Candy Quiz -Name all provinces/territories in Canada. (Rain aced it and Moxie got over 1/2)

Canada Flag Count – 540 and counting!!

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