Day 5: Brandon, MB – Moose Jaw, SK

There was no free continental this morning so I decided to just head out and find a restaurant en route.
Worst. Idea. Ever.
We drove for over an hour before landing in a town named Virden and for the life of me I could not find a restaurant anywhere!! I was getting frustrated and hungry which is a deadly combination (hello Hangry – an expression introduced to me by my cousin Jill –Hungry + Angry = Hangry). Of course the hangrier I got meant I also got flustered and couldn’t figure out how to get out of that stupid town and then as soon as I passed the last gas station I realized that not only was my stomach on empty but so was the car.


I will not go into details of my language but Let’s just say we should never speak of the Virden incident again.

But of course things worked out in a most awesome way because when I filled up with gas in the next town (about 20 minutes away) the lovely gas attendant informed me that there was one restaurant in town and gave me fail proof directions.

Go down that road and look for the only restaurant

The place reminded me a bit of Dresden, the small town I grew up in. Actually it was much smaller (Elkorn, population 461 whereas Dresden has a whopping population of 2,700). We walked into the tiny restaurant and there was a table of local men gathered around having their breakfast, a little surprised by us ‘foreigners’ invading their space. But the staff were so sweet and the food was delicious. – not to mention there was even free Wifi. Hangry dissipated and happy returned… ahhhhh…..

Shortly thereafter we crossed the Saskatchewan border (hooray a new province!!) Somewhere along the way we crossed a new time zone as well (somehow we all missed the sign – if there was one…?) but I will not complain about gaining another hour!

We stopped at Wolseley because I needed to stretch (and pee). Have I mentioned how much I love the information centres along the TCH? After this quick stop at the info centre we went into town to stroll across the swing bridge. Wolseley had suffered a lot of damage during the recent flood but it didn’t damper the spirits of the locals (so incredibly friendly!)

We continued across Saskatchewan and I was mesmerized by the flat lands/huge sky. The roads were dry but evidence of the recent flooding was everywhere. We played ‘Is that water a pond/lake/flood game.’ Okay I mostly played by myself. The kids were playing their own games while I was left to entertain myself. If I pointed something out (loudly!) they would offer me a token “oohhh” or “awesome”. I would get the same response regardless if I informed them of a flooded out field or if I claimed to have seen an alien spaceship. After a while I made them stop playing their own games so that someone would TALK TO ME!!!

We were in Moose Jaw by 2:30, changed into our bathing suits and hit the pool. Another slide – yeehaaa! (Apparently this slide was faster than the slide yesterday but not as long as the slide the day before). The pool was much too small for lengths so I was forced to sit in the hot tub (ahhh the punishment!)

Since it was still early we hit the town. I had been debating a trolley or tunnel tour but we soon discovered they were having sidewalk days/sidewalk festival. So history lessons/tours made way for bouncy castles, games and about a dozen freezies that were being doled out by locals. I was thrilled that the weather was sunny and hot! (it has been freezing cold until today)

Tomorrow we head to the badlands of Alberta – yeehaw!

sweet dreams,

Team Adventurers

Candy Quiz – We reviewed the answers to the last 2 days (both kids scored 100%) and today they were able to answer the capital of Saskatchewan! We are one step closer to traveling the world for a year while I home school them (all you need is to bribe them with candy… who knew?)

SHOUT OUT to my Saskatchewan friends (2 hours south and 2 hours north of the THC) who sadly I could not visit. We love Saskatchewan so we’ll be back to visit one day!

Editors note: the wifi in Saskatchewan was not friends with my phone nor laptop so I’m a day late. Must have been a sign because instead I slept 10 glorious hours. Ahhhh











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