Day 4 (Manitoba): CBC Radio 3 song of the Day

As a tribute to Canada and my love for Canadian Indie music, I’ve not only created special provincial playlists for my Cross-Canada road trip but I will also be featuring a:

“CBCR3 Song of the Day”

Every day I will showcase a CBCR3 artist from the province where we happen to be travelling. (the rules are simple; simply because I’m too tired for fancy)

Today is Day 4 we are (finally) in Manitoba and CBCR3 Song of the Day is…… (drum roll please)

One Great City” by The Weakerthans

Today was tough(ish) because we will only be in Manitoba for one night which means only one choice. That said, this song/artist is really the only one that makes sense.

The Weakerthans are an amazing Canadian indie band and I’d encourage you to check out their other music. My friend Glenn is a big fan of Tournament of Hearts. Have a listen and consider it a bonus song!

Cheers til tomorrow. Love from Brandon, Manitoba (home of the creepy reptile gardens)

Team Adventurers

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