Day 4: kenora – Brandon

Take-off song- Press play: Frank Turner-If I Ever Stray (here’s hoping we don’t stray too far!)

We crossed our first province!
Good-bye Ontario. Hello Manitoba. (And so far, Manitoba is indeed as friendly as the license plates claim!)

I left this morning feeling slightly anxious about Brandon (our final destination) being in a state of emergency due to flooding but thankfully the roads were completely dry all the way! *whew! The fields and parks were quite submerged in some areas. I’ll try to get pics tomorrow.

Manitoba roads were les hilly And more traffic. Some areas were very flat and we all noticed the sky getting bigger – the clouds were amazing. (I secretly wanted to pull over, lay in a field – maybe on an inflatable raft- and just stare at the clouds). But instead I settled on listening to Moxie call our what she could see in the sky (lots of poodles, a fish…)

A shorter driving day meant we got to the hotel by 2;30…. Hmmmm now what? We had passed a sign for a place called Reptile Gardens in the way into town so after checking in we reversed our steps, Stopping briefly at Starbucks (oh grande non fat extra hot dry cappuccino how I’ve missed you) and went on a true adventure down winding dirt roads to a strange little house with a sign that said reptile gardens.

A lovely older woman welcomed us in and my blood went as cold as the enormous selection of reptiles in this place. I can’t even begin to describe the scifi movie we walked into. There were ENORMOUS boa constrictors, pythons, alligators, lizards and on and on… Needles to say the kids thought it was the coolest place ever.

After we marginally escaped we washed ourselves off with a good swim. Once again the kids attacked the water slide while I swam laps til my legs became rubber. What an awesome feeling after being trapped in a car for so long!

Tomorrow we will cross into Saskatchewan. The road reports are slightly inconsistent. Looks like some are washed out while others are open but come with warnings. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Til then,

Ps – today’s candy quiz started with a repeat of yesterday (Name the Great Lakes – and they both got 100%!!). I then asked for the capital of Manitoba. No, it’s not Nova Scotia. That’s a province. No it’s not Halifax. That’s the capital of Nova Scotia. Hmmm is that a hint for an easy coast trip next year?

Pss – I was not able to connect my computer to the internet which means using only my phone to type. (Advance apology for dodgy spelling/formatting).











One Comment Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    What amazing adventures!! And yes it’s a sign! The kids MUST want to come East next time 🙂 (PEI AUG 9-16 remember :D) drive safely team!


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