Day 2 (is that it?): Sault Ste. Marie – Thunder Bay

Another early morning but today we were spoiled with a free full breakfast. I have discovered it’s worth the extra money for a swimming pool and free breakfast!

Opening song: celebration

We drove straight through to Wawa where we saw our first “Big Animal of the North”. Wawa means ‘Canadian Goose’; hence it is a statue of a goose. (Somehow we missed the statues in Sudbury, echo bay and Sault Ste. Marie.) I asked the friendly gal at the Wawa info centre if there was a place I could grab a coffee. She proudly informed me there was a Tim hortons 2 minutes away.
“How about a Starbucks?”
Suddenly I’d apparently grown 4 heads and was speaking alien.
No Starbucks?? “WaaaaaWaaaaaaaa!!!”

We soon passed a moose crossing sign. And then another. And then another. Look. I’m not a wimp but those moose on the signs look rabid; like they’re sitting along the side of the road getting ready to RAM THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR CAR when you least expect it. I grew up in a rural community (though hitting a raccoon is less traumatic/dangerous than a moose) and I’ve done some adventurous things in my life (sleeping in hammock in jungle in Guatemala, scuba diving 80 feet under water with big ass sharks) but these moose signs really freaked me out!! (Yeah I know… There goes all my street cred.). At one point I even swerved/slowed quickly to avoid hitting a…. Bird. ?! Hey in my defense the birds up here are really freaking BIG!!!

After about 9 hours on the road I became immune to the evil moose warnings. And I was actually a bit annoyed that I didn’t see one moose, or bear for that matter, all the way to Thunder Bay. (These words may haunt me tomorrow)

As we entered Thunder Bay we veered into the terry fox look out and had a moment of reflection for this iconic Canadian hero. When we started planning this trip, Rain’s only request was to visit this statue. Here’s one for the memory books Rain!

Today felt long. Who knew driving for hours on end could be so exhausting.

I’m so incredibly proud of Rain and Moxie. They’ve been amazing – helpful, happy and just plain enjoyable.

We got to our hotel later than expected but still went straight to the pool. After a quick swim we felt brand new. We hit the hotel restaurant for first meal out (aside from complimentary breakfast) all trip. During dinner we texted my parents (who are probably worried sick about us) and voted on what to do tomorrow. It seems unanimous that we will drive another 6 hours to kenora. (One more night in Ontario!)

Canada flag count is approx. 145 flags (sorry I left the counting sheet in the car. More official tally will be available tomorrow). Remember to submit your vote for how many canada flags we will spot between Mississauga and Vancouver.

Editors note: the wifi in the room does not extend to my laptop for some reason. That, combines with the fact that I’m beyond tired = not my best writing and formatting of site. Please be patient.













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