Meet the Team

Introducing the members, in accordance to birth order:

Moxie, 7 years 11 months

Moxie is a free thinker. She’s creative, dramatic, independent and sweet.

And she very well may save the world one day.

Rain, 10 years 4 months

Rain is a problem solver. He’s athletic, thoughtful, artistic, and analytical.

And he very well may discover a new breed of reptiles one day.

Erica (me), 38 years 1 month

I love Canadian Indie music, adventures (obviously) and writing. I have a day job at a children’s treatment centre. I could talk about my job for hours. But I won’t. Confidentiality is one of the few things I take seriously in life. I like to laugh and think I’m hilarious.

It’s just the three of us (unless you count Lucy, our crazy cat). And we are tight. Their father and I separated just over 5 years ago. I have had primary custody but the kids continued to see him on a very regular basis. Last month, their father took his life. The initial shock is starting to wear off. We are sorting this out in our minds and hearts. This is an unexpected journey for us but it is one of healing and love. We will help each other through this.

Why Team Adventurers?

Because we are not just a family; we’re a team. We help each other succeed. We make each other laugh. We work hard together.

We came up the team name last summer on a bike ride. We are curious about the world and have adventures every day. Most of them occur within 30 km of our home.

This summer our wanderlust will lead us to the beautiful West coast. It will look a little bit like this:

June 28th – pick up rental car in Buffalo and bring back to our home in Mississauga, ON.

June 29th – Start driving West.

**A bunch of really cool stuff and lots of driving.

July 19th – Fly from Seattle – Buffalo

At some point before June 29th I will take a good look at a map or guidebook. But for now I’ve at least created some kick-ass playlists. Check them out here:

Initially I started this website to write exclusively about our upcoming roadtrip. But our every day adventures need their voice heard too. I write as a way to commemorate our experiences and share them with friends, family and fellow adventure enthusiasts.

Peace, love and rock ‘n roll,






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yeah!! Can’t wait to see y’all out here on the west coast. Love love love, Jill


  2. cathy says:

    Glad to see Jack out & about!


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