It’s my birthday and we’ll skip school if we want to.

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Erica Richmond @pixiepaperdoll7

What. A. Day.
It was awesome.

First thing in the morning, my kids couldn’t wait for me to open my gift they’d bought for me . It was a beautiful vase they found at a yard sale while with my parents.
I love it!

I worked for 210 minutes (not that I was counting) and then I went to the gym. After a quick lunch I picked up the kids, making vague mention of an appointment of sorts in the student sign out binder.

I had told the kids I was picking them early for a birthday adventure but I hadn’t told them what we were going to do. Once we were in all in the car I told them we were on our way to the Go Station to head to the (big) city.

Destination: the CN tower.

Rain and Moxie have always wanted do to this. When Moxie was going into SK, I asked her what she would draw if her teachers asks her what she’d done during summer vacation. Moxie said she’d draw the CN Tower.
“Moxie darling. We didn’t go to the CN Tower.”
“I know.”
Hmmm was that a hint?

An equally cloudless and crowdless day finally arrived deeming today CN tower perfection.

I thought Rain was going to pass out on the way up the elevator. Heights are not his friend. But once on ‘solid’ ground, we were all enthralled by the view and we walked around the tower checking out the various vantage points of the diverse city.

I had to bribe them to lay down on the glass floor for a picture. This may be one of those moments they confess to their counsellor about one day.

Our tickets included a cheesey moving theatre ride which turned out to be so much fun. Both kids screamed and laughed the whole time, especially when unexpectedly sprayed by water. Fully belly laughs are exactly what we need right now.

After the Tower, we went searching for a table on a patio. There was nothing available in the immediate vicinity (Blue Jays were in town) so we ventured to King street and found success at a roof-top patio called Hey Lucy (also the name of our cat – bonus points!).

I tried convincing them how cool it would be to live downtown. If they were 11 years older, we could have gone to see Danny Michel tonight at the Dakota Lounge. He is one of their current favourite artists.

They were intrigued but not sold.

Despite our city love we all do have some pretty strong country roots.
We raced back to Union Station with just enough time to grab some Cinnabon to go which they ate on the train. Mmmmm Cinnabon….

I asked if they remembered how we celebrated by 37th birthday. Moxie said yes absolutely. We had a big party at our house with cake and games.

We have never done that!

Sometimes it pays to document this stuff so I read them our impromptu Birthday Road Trip adventures ( and we experienced some more amazing big full belly laughs while we reminisced about camels, ice cream and ammo all the way back to Clarkson.

Then after scrubbing the intoxicating city grime from their bodies, they were tucked into bed. And for the first time in over 2 weeks, they fell fast asleep.
I’m ending my own day with a glass of wine and Danny Michel on vinyl.

Love until it breaks your heart..






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  1. Beth says:

    Your awesome birthday adventure made me cry with happiness 🙂 Happy birthday me old friend – old as in ‘known you long time’, not as in …. well ya know – says the over 40 friend 😉


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