Team Adventurers Get a World Map

Erica Richmond @pixiepaperdoll7


My kids and I have deemed ourselves “Team Adventurers” in honour of our everyday backyard adventures. To expand (or at least dream of expanding) our exploration, I bought us a world map and stuck it to the wall. It is laminated and has a picture of each country’s flag around the perimeter. I also bought coloured dot stickers. The idea is that we each get a different colour and can stick a dot everywhere we want to travel. Once we fulfill our travel destination we will make a mark on the sticker. (And Martha Stewart help me; I’m even going to create a legend on the map.)

My ever-rampant wanderlust appears to be genetic and the map is covered in dots. We talk about visiting the places we’ve read about in books. We are lucky to live in a community that is rich in cultural diversity; this makes us even more curious about the world.

We were predetermined to travel.

Our map is a great conversation piece. I often find the kids hanging out in front of it, reading out names of places and searching for home countries of their school-friends.

But just when I think I have raised the most culturally aware and sophisticated children, I hear some off-the-wall and wince-worthy commentary:

  • “Does anyone know where ‘No-Man’s Land’ is?”

Have you checked Scooby Doo?

  • “Where is the Toronto flag?”

shhh… don’t let our friends outside of the GTA hear you say that!

  • “I’m looking for Jewish. No wait. That’s just for French people.”

What does this even mean?

  • “Geez Mom, are you going to put a dot on EVERY country?”

Yes I am.

  • “Po-land. That’s not even a real country. Po. Land. It is? hmm.. Hey, if you added an extra ‘O’ it would be Poo-land. heeheeheehee”

Boys and bathroom humour… (this also extends to his little sister)

And so, the learning journey continues.


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  1. Kira Sabin says:

    Love this Erica!


  2. joyofmaps says:

    Reblogged this on mapsworldwide blog and commented:
    All children need access to a map!


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