Patriotic Playlists

Erica Richmond @pixiepaperdoll7
Road Trip Planning:
Step #1 – Create a travel blog (check!)
Step #2 – Book rental car & flight home (check!)
Step #3 – Create  some kick-ass playlists (check! check! check! check! check!)
We will be travelling Canadiana-style from Ontario to British Columbia so it really only makes sense to keep the playlists as patriotic as our journey.  In other words, I will combine my travel addiction with my Canadian Indie addiction via CBC Radio 3This will be my second time creating travel-based playlists on this site.  A couple years ago, I adventured through the East coast and created a playlist using my iPhone camera and channel 162 on the Sirius radio in the rental car
In preparation for my upcoming adventure, I’ve created a separate playlist for each province we will be visiting.  The rules are simple: my favourite Canadian Indie artists are sorted by the province from which they hail at least have called home at one point in their lives.  I like to break rules (especially my own) so you might find songs in more than one playlist (there is usually some method to my madness and if you look hard, you’ll crack my code).

Each playlist will continue to be a work in progress but have a listen and send me requests!





British Columbia

Unfortunately I will not be able to download all of the songs to listen in the car (I love all these artists but can not afford this many music purchases – I should probably save some money for gas)… but I am looking forward to streaming them from the free wifi in the ghetto motels along the way.

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